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Thesis-Leafloom sanctuary , Digital rendering, 2024

Fatima Al Atteya

Educational Sustainable Centre Raising Environmental Awareness in Qatar

Interior design

As a designer, my passion for spatial design is rooted in my unwavering commitment to sustainability and biophilic principles. I am deeply fascinated by exploring various materials and textures, recognizing their ability to evoke emotions, improve functionality, and create lasting impressions. My inclination toward integrating natural elements into designs stems from a profound belief in the positive impact of biophilic design on human well-being and environmental sustainability. 

Through my thesis, I further reinforced this belief by incorporating biophilic design and eco-friendly materials, emphasizing the importance of sustainable awareness in Qatar. Dedicated to creating spaces that inspire environmental consciousness, I diligently implement these principles in my work, including workshops, gardening sessions, and a zero-waste store in sustainable centers. These align perfectly with my thesis, forging spaces that captivate the senses, nurturing our connection with nature, and promoting a greener world for generations to come.