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BFA+ MFA Thesis 2024

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Laser Engraved Leaf on Paper, 2024

Ghayda’ Abduljalil

How to revive an uprooted fig tree

Painting & Printmaking

Throughout my creative process, I developed ways of narrating instances or in-depth personal stories. I intentionally create projects to fulfill my needs and let out the artistic explosion inside me. I would like the viewer to go through a whole experience by diving into the body of the work I present. When I start creating work with art or sound – like prints, laser cut leaves, cyanotype, scanography, or synthesizers, I prefer for all of them to be included somehow in the final outcome.

When I work with materials I am very diligent and emotional with the process and its content. If I frequently smell the fig leaf and I feel it connects to the delivery of my message in conveying memories and sensory experiences; I definitely would like the viewer to be immersed in that as well. The video process shifts the physical territory into a digital one, it also means I meticulously transform tangible materials into a digital form or shape.