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Untitled Artwork
Complementary colors Mykonos Bedroom, Render, 2022

Haya Al-Ibrahim

Interactive and Health-Focused Getaway for Expectant Mothers in Qatar إزدهار

Interior design

Being inherently shy, interior design has become my chosen form of self-expression, allowing me to convey my thoughts and emotions. My design philosophy is rooted in my shy, quiet, and introverted personality, as I aim to create spaces that reflect the calmness and tranquility I embody. I’m driven by a passionate desire to use design as a means to transform lives for the better and evoke a transformative experience, leaving occupants feeling calm and soothed.

My journey as a designer has been marked by challenges, yet each obstacle has fueled my determination to push boundaries and achieve success. My thesis delves into creating spaces that cultivate calmness and empowerment for expectant mothers, while also promoting the importance of physical activity for a healthy pregnancy lifestyle.