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Bianconero, rendered in procreate1, 2023

Haya Al-Suwaidi

Art-Therapy Center Addressing Smartphone Addiction Amongst Teenagers in Qatar

Interior design

As an interior designer, my work is rooted in a synthesis of Qatar’s historical architectural motifs and contemporary design principles. I prioritize functionality alongside aesthetic appeal, drawing inspiration from traditional Qatari forms while adapting them for modern contexts. My approach involves a systematic exploration of various design styles to ensure relevance and longevity.

In my practice, I encounter challenges such as navigating restrictive building regulations while maintaining design integrity. I advocate for minimalist design principles, favoring clean lines and simplicity over excessive ornamentation. This ethos is reflected in my values, which emphasize the importance of cultural authenticity and modernity.

My thesis project, “Artopia”, aims to provide a space for teenagers to reconnect with traditional art forms while also engaging with modern technology. Through this project, I seek to address the over-reliance on smartphones among youth and encourage creativity in a tactile, offline setting. “Artopia”’s design incorporates locally sourced materials and geometric motifs inspired by Qatari architecture, reflecting a commitment to cultural heritage and contemporary design sensibilities.