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Untitled Artwork
Brand Manual-Retail store, Digital Sketch, 2022

Hissa Al-Salaiti

Automobile-focused Gathering Space for Elderly Qataris

Interior design

I grew up hearing my dad’s constant reminder: “Draw, keep drawing.” Since the time I could hold a crayon, drawing and designing have been a huge part of who I am. As a young child, I would go on site visits with my dad, an architect, and examine floor plans over his shoulder. My father’s design strategy has inspired me: timeless and purposeful.  I strive to design spaces that transcend the boundaries of time and trend, where every element serves a purpose in the form of a narrative guiding you through each space. 

For my senior thesis, I focused on social isolation amongst the elderly in Qatar. Through research I found that creating an interest-based gathering space will encourage socializing. “Timeless Wheels Heritage House”, is a space designed with the intention to welcome and encourage all ages to come together and connect.