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Publication Prototypes, Transparent Paper

Humyra Najdan

The Poetics of Language

Graphic design

Inspired by my personal language learning journey, “The Poetics of Language examines the nuances of scripts, sounds, and meanings of Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Persian and Urdu.  My aim is to ignite curiosity on linguistic and cultural similarities of Indo-Aryan and Indo-European languages. I created an interactive digital platform that allows the audience to compose multilingual poetry using a database of words connected to nature. Furthermore, I aspire to demonstrate that language transcends mere communication and embodies profound layers of significance, fostering connections that go beyond borders and backgrounds. The platform is accompanied by a series of publications that visually represent the poems, as well as a collection of proverbs and idioms portraying their cultural connotations.  By curating these explorations in an interactive manner, this project becomes a platform that nurtures shared experiences, with the overarching goal of emphasizing universal empathy.