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Publication, Behind the Banknote

Kaltham Alfakhroo

Cultural Currency: A Visual Identity Study and Development through Qatar’s Stamps and Banknotes 

Graphic design

This thesis aims to explore the cultural visual identity of Qatar by examining the history and significance of its banknotes and stamps from the perspective of graphic design. These national symbols document historical and cultural narratives such as the nation’s economic, educational, architectural, sporting, and cultural developments over time. Therefore, this project seeks to address a gap in Qatar-focused studies about the history and design analysis of Qatari visual culture and the exploration of national design archives.

Drawing from primary and secondary research, this thesis presents a range of potential designs aimed at envisioning the future trajectory of Qatar’s national identity. Ultimately, this project endeavors to offer a distinctive viewpoint on Qatar’s visual culture, offering valuable, previously unexplored insights within the realm of graphic design research.