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Japandi Home, Digital Collage, 2022

Mina Zahid

Empowering and Therapeutic Sanctuary for Dependent Women of Balochistan, Pakistanآزادی

Interior design

I am a Pakistani designer aiming to create interior spaces with the occupants at the heart of the design. My focus lies on using evidence-based design with a special focus on lighting design to curate spaces that promote the psychological well-being of the users. I use a multitude of techniques, such as hand sketching, digital renderings, and 3D visualization during the design process. My work often has muted color palettes, soft forms, and a contemporary feel to create tranquil environments.

My BFA thesis, titled “Azadi”, is a key example of my approach to design a Women’s Empowerment Center focusing on providing respite and financial independence for Balochi women. Using primary research, such as interviews with Pakistani psychologists, this culturally-driven design not only prioritizes their comfort but also encourages psychological improvement.