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Kinection, Waiting Area, Procreate Digital Sketching, 2024

Shahd Al-kaabi

A Dynamic Edutainment Center Focused on Alleviating Child Obesity in Qatar

Interior design

“Interior design weaves spaces into stories, inspiring and motivating individuals to embark on their own unique journeys.” – Shahd Al-kaabi

As an interior designer, I am committed to designing spaces that harmoniously combine practicality and visual appeal, producing settings that uplift and improve the lives of people who occupy them. ‘Kinection’ thesis project creates spaces that enhance movement, leading to better moods and productivity for children struggling with obesity. With unwavering dedication to quality, my objective is to surpass expectations by producing designs that are both classic and revolutionary, leaving a long-lasting imprint. 

I am deeply passionate about design’s transformative power and believe that well-designed spaces can elicit emotions, inspire creativity, and improve people’s quality of life. By meticulously considering every aspect of a design, from layout and lighting to materials and colors, I strive to create environments that not only meet the occupants’ practical needs but also connect with them on a deeper, more emotional level.