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BFA+MFA Thesis 2024

0 Main Image Sharifa 1500x1500
3D Pendants, PLA filament

Sharifa Al Attiayah

Chain of Memories

Graphic design

My thesis is about the connection between memories and jewelry. Through the design of a series of pendants, I aim to showcase specific moments from my past encapsulating the essence of nostalgia and personal narrative. This project explores how the tangible representation of memories in the form of jewelry can evoke emotions and spark conversations about our individual journeys. By inviting others to create their own bracelets incorporating these pendants, I want to encourage a sense of connection and shared experience, as each person adds their unique touch to the pieces filled with personal significance. This project is not only about designing jewelry; it is about crafting a space for reflection, storytelling, and the celebration of our collective pasts.