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Qatar TV Studio proposal comes to life, Photograph, 2024

Yara Faraj

Interactive Community Center for Sub-Saharan Immigrants and Moroccans in Marrakech

Interior design

Upon entering the dimly illuminated studio, one’s senses awaken to the interplay of light and shadow. Amidst this scene, I derive great satisfaction in experimenting through the interaction of light, materials, and form. While wandering through the space, every selected texture, every built form, and every positioned light is intentional. The intent of this set extends beyond mere aesthetics; it is about guiding the user’s experience, using design to elicit emotions and narrate a story. 

As a designer, I spot opportunity in challenges. Ultimately, it is within the constraints of challenge that creativity flourishes and innovation thrives. This philosophy has influenced my methodology in all my work, including my thesis. Focused on bridging the socio-cultural gap between Moroccans and Sub-Saharan Africans, my thesis “Métissage”, uses the concept of weaving as a metaphor to create a space fostering inclusivity and unity. By embracing this challenge, I aim to demonstrate the power of design in bridging divides.