Community and Continuing Education Program


The Community Programs are created for our community by our creative professionals. Bring your creativity, an open mind, your sense of adventure, and a willingness to learn and explore new ideas, and let's see what we can experience together as we learn about art and design. 

Forget what you might have heard or been told: we know that everyone is creative, so ignore your background and your age, and begin exploring and learning more about art and design with the VCUarts Qatar Community learning program. 

HS) High School Program (Summer): Art and Design 2023

 Sun, 02 July - Thu, 27 July 2023

The Summer Program 2023 is an intensive three-week program with an optional week of portfolio classes. It is structured to allow students to design their own educational journey by providing them with an introduction to the different majors being offered and then having them choose one discipline in depth. 

CP) Children's Program (Summer)

PD) Portfolio Development Program:


This program offers curricula and learning experiences explicitly tailored to the development of professionals looking to prepare for career progression or changes precipitated after graduation. Carefully constructed to adapt to ever-changing industrial demands and challenges by established professional artists and designers in the region.

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