Digital Fanoos: Re-examining the Traditional Arabic Lantern

The MFA in Design program at VCUarts Qatar will exhibit 18 one-of-a-kind digital glass lamps or fawanees at Katara Art Center, which were designed and made by graduate students and faculty during an annual field study trip.

Each fanoos contains a rechargeable battery, a programmable LED light source, and a unique piece of mold-blown glass.

Exhibition Opening and Auction Announcement: Thursday October 10, 6-8pm, with 7pm public presentation. 
The auction website is at https://vcuartsqatar.cbo.io/

Meet the Artists Event: Thursday, October 24, with one-on-one interactive programming sessions at the exhibition space.

Online Auction Bidding Deadline: Tuesday, October 29, 8pm; high bidders will be notified.

Closing Reception: Thursday, October 31, 6-8pm, with 7pm awarding of lamps to the highest bidders who have paid--either at VCUarts Qatar's bookstore, or at Katara Art Center at the exhibition closing.

All are welcome.

Exhibition Dates

10 Oct – 31 Oct 2019


Free - Open invitation


Katara Art Center