Project Spaces 2021 - 22

The Project Spaces exhibition program includes a variety of solo and group shows by VCUarts Qatar students, faculty and staff.

The exhibition program highlight the creative diversity of our community, as well as the eclectic range of materials and approaches involved in the individual art and design disciplines. It also provides them with opportunities to present the results of their current artistic explorations, and is intended to inspire and stimulate the creative activity of the University at large. 

A unique opportunity to display their works at key locations in the building!


AUG 29 - SEPT 30 2021

Everything That Will Happen Will Happen at Home (ETWHWHaH)
By The Anderson Gallery

“Home” is often thought of as a place, but perhaps more meaningfully refers to a way of being. Home is the source of the truest self. It might include the town where you live, the house you grew up in, a group of people, a food, a keepsake, a memory. It could be a place of comfort or a place of anxiety. The definition is malleable; it warps and expands like an exposed hardwood floor. 

This poster exhibition works to define home even as it eludes a container, as we chase the definition of home throughout our lives.

Showcased Students:
Caroline Melamed, Abigail Franks, Kristi Huynh, Cassie Knudsen, Jesse Mackenzie, Gabi Wood, Emma Butterworth, Ni Sang, Sharon Plata, Arched Aparejo, Alicia Kim, Ricardo Ortiz, Jordan Calvert, Liz Oliver, Emery Keele, Victoria Crouch, Kom Khojayori, Jack Rhodes

With special thanks to:
Lauren Thorson, Cassie Knudsen, Chase Westfall, Matt Charboneau, VCUarts Go Lab
Location: Saffron Hall, VCUarts Qatar.


Streetwear is Dead; Long Live Streetwear
Written and curated by Ali Khan 

“Streetwear is Dead; Long Live Streetwear” by Ali Khan focuses on collaborations, drops and hype: how streetwear conquered high fashion and managed to kill itself in the process. This streetwear photoshoot accompanied by an essay of the same name features outfits displayed in the exhibition Wear The Right Thing at VCUarts Qatar’s Gallery.

Model wearing red and black streetwear with the word vengeance written on the top

Photography: Nadeesha Rathnayake
Styled by: Ali Khan
Models: Arij Mohamed and Chahd Dridi
Photography Location: VCUarts Qatar ©VCUarts Qatar
Location: Library, VCUarts Qatar


Tomorrow's Youth
Curated by Ali Khan
A look back at the streetwear designed by the VCUarts Qatar Junior fashion students over the years.

Showcased Students:

Fatima Al Khulaifi, 2017
Aeysha Rafiq, 2018
Heidi Rashad, 2018
Shaikha Al Thani, 2021
Najla Al Eida, 2021
Reem Atout, 2021

Location: Glass Display on Ground Floor, VCUarts Qatar



IDES 491 – Digital Formations
By Students: Asma Almohannadi, Aldana Al-Meghisib, Binsha Basheer, Maha Masri, Mariam Kraidli, Maryam Al-Kuwari, Osama Arabi Katbi, Shaika Al-Meghaisib, Shainah Dane Juras, Yara Barakat. 
By Faculty: Mohammad Nabil Suleiman and Chris Buchakjian.


"Digital Formations” aims to research and experiment with different computational processes and workflows in arts and design. This exploration is situated in post-problem solving – seeking new forms, tools, and workflows where the output is not prescribed, all the while attempting to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. The class (IDES 491: Topics in Interior Design) is not defined as a linear design process with objective outcomes, but rather as the iterative, non-linear, and speculative process with the ability to reassess and shift our disciplinary discourse.

In this first module students explore tools and processes of making patterns with points and lines. These parametric forms start as data and flow from 2D to 3D; from the screen into the physical world . The hands-on construction allows space for tactile decision making.

Location: Project Spaces Glass Display, First floor.

Exhibition Dates

29 Aug – 21 Apr 2022


Free - Open invitation


VCUarts Qatar