Projected Reality; In Transition

This collection of work from artists Leekyung Kang and Austin Aviles utilizes both physical and digital techniques to transmit raw data in the form of sand, artefacts, photographs and 3D scans collected from field explorations of Doha, its surrounding deserts, and the digital resource of Google Earth into works that aim to embody an oscillation between Real and Unreal.

Projected Reality; In-Transition represents a crossroad between the material and immaterial planes that is revealed through efforts to digitize reality and the displacement that results from one’s removal from its contextual environment. This investigation employs the use of photography, photogrammetry, printmaking and the sourcing of physical and digital cartography databases resulting in deficiencies and disorientations.

Each year the Painting + Printmaking program selects two artists at varying stages of their careers to become artists in residence at VCUarts Qatar.

Exhibition Dates

21 Jan – 26 Jan 2018

Opening Reception

Sun / 21 Jan / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation


HBKU Student Center Art Gallery