12 February 2017

“In Progress”, by VCUQatar’s Painting & Printmaking Students

VCUQatar's third year Painting and Printmaking students held an exhibition of their work called "In Progress" at the First Floor Annex, above Cafe 999 at the Fire Station Gallery. The exhibition ran from January 9 until February 9 2017.

With this exhibition, the students considered the change that is taking place in various parts of Doha. The most noticeable “visual” of this change is in the construction work that is “In Progress” that we see in and around the neighborhoods where we live. In a city like Doha, many neighborhoods share similar visuals.

Rather than see the idea of construction being framed as a negative aspect, the Painting and Printmaking students wanted to embrace these “change” ideas through the work they presented at the exhibition.

For the exhibition the students focused on the Msheireb district of Doha which is witnessing rapid change. They walked through the area, exploring its visuals, and meeting with the people who live and work there, translating their ideas and experiences into their artworks, documenting their Msheireb experiences and relating them to their personal experiences and Doha as a scene.

The exhibited work was completed during the Spring and Fall of 2016, in three different courses at VCUQatar in Printmaking, Digital Imaging, and Sculpture.

Two student curators, Lolwa Al Solaiti and Maetha al Khayarin, worked with faculty who advised them on how to select from the finished works a thoughtful, diverse, engaging exhibition.

The Painting and Printmaking students who presented their work at the “In Progress” exhibition at the Fire Station Gallery were:

Amna Al-Thani

Kaltham Al-Thani

Noof Al-Theyab

Sara Al-Fadaaq

Lolwa Al-Solaiti

Maryam Alameri

Nour Elbasuni

Rouda Al-Khoori

Maetha Al-Khayarin 

Abir Zakzok

Noor Bahzad

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