Ryan Browning

Associate Professor


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Ryan Browning is a painter and interdisciplinary artist. His paintings have a way of simplifying imagery to a cartoonish state without losing the specificity of the objects he is portraying. He draws inspiration from virtual and role playing game worlds, often portraying these imaginary spaces without the presence of figures, as if they had just walked out of frame. In painting, he works in a Miroesque style of flattened, layered subject matter, painting in both gouache and oil.His sculptures and time-based works rely on a variety of digital tools to extend the whimsical alter-reality of these paintings into real space.  

Ryan teaches VCUQ’s First Year Introduction courses within the Art Foundation Program. Additionally, he has taught subjects in painting, drawing, world building, physical computing, digital fabrication, and portfolio development.

Ryan received a BA in Art History and Curatorial Studies from Brigham Young University in 2005, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern and Near Eastern cultures. Following this, he received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art in 2008 from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Mount Royal School of Art program. His creative work has been written about in The New York Times, ARTnews, ArtMaze Magazine, Art F City, and others. He has recently exhibited at ADA Gallery (Richmond, VA), Mother Gallery (Beacon, NY), Resort Baltimore (Baltimore, MD), Mulherin Pollard (NYC), Allegra LaViola (NYC), VOLTA NY (NYC), The Fire Station Museum (Doha, Qatar), Menage Gallery (St. Petersburg, RU), and others. 


Instagram: @ryanbrowning