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The صوري uprise, embroidery, 2024

Alfutoon Al Said

Omani Punk

Fashion Design

This fashion collection serves as a bold statement challenging certain aspects of Arab culture, emphasizing the need for transformative shifts in both cultural and social behaviors. While advocating for change, the collection remains deeply rooted in a profound respect for traditional and historical values, explicitly drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Oman. This approach aims to spark a conversation about evolution without dismissing the essence of heritage, weaving a narrative that honors the distinctive values of Oman. Each piece within the collection is a deliberate effort to navigate the delicate balance between rebellion and reverence, fusing contemporary aesthetics with a mindful acknowledgement of the unique cultural values that shape Omani identity. This collection is a testament to the belief that embracing change does not necessitate the abandonment of tradition; instead, it encourages a harmonious coexistence of modernity and the cherished cultural heritage of Oman.