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Undercover, 2024

Amna Al-Balam

Archive Undercover

Fashion Design

“Archive Undercover” is a collection that represents modest women who love to dress conservatively yet contemporary. I find so much potential in her style. She is her own archive and her life journey is a reflection of her inner self.

My collection consists of five baggy looks that are both modern and modest. Each garment incorporates a print from my own personal archive – images that I took of special moments in my life journey and that reflect who I am. And perhaps, other women like me. Whether it’s pictures of a book page, the Swarovski staircase, an artwork or a self portrait, rocks from museums, and nature landscapes from all around the world, each image tells a story of a special moment that made me who I am today – my style, what I love, where I like to be, and how I spend my time.