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Fluidity meets structure

Fatima Al-Siddiqi

Ambiguity Unfolded: Fluidity Meets Structure

Fashion Design

Fashion has always been experimental and innovative; this senior-year collection is no exception. It celebrates creativity and experimentation, allowing for the exploration of new ideas.Each garment in this collection is a canvas for exploring the interplay between fluidity and structure. It is inspired by the fluidity of movement, particularly in gender fluidity. 

A monochromatic palette serves as a background for this exploration, with textures and weights as the focus. The garments are infused with motion, reminiscent of the human body. By manipulating fabrics in semi-origami shapes, the silhouettes honor the natural contours and grace of movement.

Designed to be modern and functional, every piece speaks to those who embrace individuality and self-expression. With its unique blend of creativity and experimentation, this collection showcases the dedication to innovation and exploration.