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Soft Love, Tufting with Wool, 2024

Gul Thakur

Feeding My Soul

Painting & Printmaking

My artistic practice explores my personality, core values, and beliefs I face in my life. This is often reflected through female characters inspired by Indian Mughal miniatures, which help me feel a re-connection to my Indian culture, something I often feel distant from. My thesis, titled, “Feeding my Soul”, is a collection of three artworks that explore relationships with myself, my sister, as well as my cat, and bring “comfort” to my soul. 

These artworks are created with traditional mediums such as acrylic painting, screen-printing, tufting with wool, and weaving, all of which make them slightly three-dimensional. Through these mediums, I incorporate elements of nature, female features, floral motifs, and architecture, that are influences from Mughal characteristics and explore a variety of vibrant

colors. Additionally, my artworks are magnified to create an ever-lasting impression on my viewers who can think about what “feeds their soul”.