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Peeling the Barrier (detail), mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 2023

Hessa Al-Thani


Painting & Printmaking

The concept I’ve embarked on revolves around inner conflict, curiosity, the self, and rebirth. I attempt to externalize internal chaos to confront myself and realize what’s important to me. My artistic practice involves color, bold, sudden mark-making, layering, texture development, and sound. In my creative process, I give form to my spiritual research of self-surrender and analyze my thought process through the physicality of creating. My body of work within this concept is broken into two sections. The first is composed of textured mixed media paintings consisting of acrylic paint and pastes, sand, wool threads, and dye on several types of fabrics. The second are gouache paintings on paper. Both sections emulate similar visual languages but with a variation in medium.