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BFA+MFA Thesis 2024

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Tanafas, Lobby rendering, 2024.

Kaltham Al-Sulaiti

Nature-focused Self-development Hub for People Suffering From Depression – تنفس

Interior design

As a visual artist, my imagination, playfulness, and curiosity bring my ideas to life. While impacting people through my artwork, I’ve struggled to visualize environments effectively. Transitioning to interior design, I’ve embraced design software, enhancing my ability to manifest ideas. Exploring spaces and their impact has transformed how I illustrate and narrate stories. Despite challenges, my interior design journey has equipped me with a solid understanding of spaces and 3D rendering skills, strengthening my creative confidence.

In my thesis project, “Tanafes,” I aim to empower individuals with low to medium levels of depression in Qatar. Designing a self-development hub, I foster self-exploration through art, literature, and lectures. The holistic approach integrates nature, creating a conducive environment for growth. By incorporating green elements, I seek to evoke tranquility and renewal. “Tanafes” embodies my commitment to using design as a tool for positive change, providing a sanctuary for personal development amidst the challenges of mental health.