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Variations of the same words: showing the process of experimenting with different placement of the elements, Digital

Lana Abou Selo

Amjadi: Reclaiming Syria’s Glory Through Contemporary Typographic Patterns

Graphic design

In my thesis, I examine Syrian patterns in the historical context of present-day Syria, tracing their evolution from the Seljuk period to the modern era. Through this investigation, I developed a font called “Amjadi,” meaning “Glories of My Country”, inspired by Arabic Kufic calligraphy. The font was crafted using elements extracted from these patterns, which serve as storytellers of Syria’s rich cultural history. By showcasing this font through crochet, a widespread tradition in Syria, I highlight the spiritual and temporal significance of the process. Each stitch symbolizes the passage of days, months and years, reflecting the land and its people’s triumphs and tribulations. Despite never having lived there, my Syrian identity fuels a longing to witness my country reclaiming its former glory. Ultimately, my thesis aims to weave together the threads of heritage and hope, illustrating how collective efforts, regardless of their scale, can mend the fabric of a nation and restore its days of magnificence.