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BFA+ MFA Thesis 2024

Lords of Sin, Digital Medium

Malaika Jenine Tayach

Beginning & End

Graphic design

It’s been said that good triumphs over evil, but what happens if we live in a world where the opposite rings true? A world where the sins are in absolute rule and control? My thesis explores this idea through worldbuilding, pushing the overall concept of duality to its extremes. The purposeful deception of innocent character designs, veiling their sinister natures, and the use of bias invites the audience to dig deeper and discover the hidden truth within the sea of lies.

Through various interactive publications and artifacts, acting as in-world records for historical and personal events, my thesis seeks to immerse the audience in a world where language, political relations, and social hierarchy shape the norm of brutality; It serves as a cautionary tale of a society where corruption and purity struggle for equilibrium. After all, good and evil go hand-in-hand, and doesn’t the choice to choose which path to follow make us human?