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Moom Thahinah 2024 Mfa
Huda, Hijabi Superhero, Comic

Moom Thahinah

Beyond the Veil: Hijabi Superheroes and the Power of Representation

MFA in Design

As a Hijabi woman, I am often misrepresented by stereotypical narratives in Western media that obscure my individuality and agency. My thesis addresses the misrepresentation of Hijabi women, challenges audience perceptions and empowers Hijabi women to confront these narratives. 

Informed by design and media discourse, I developed a narrative and Hijabi superhero character appropriating tropes of Western comic books. The resulting research combines two outcomes: a print-based narrative and a transformative garment. Print media is used to address the lack of Hijabi representation in Western comics while showcasing the character’s ability to combat discrimination. Derived from the comic format, I designed a functional super-abaya, which allows my character to transform into a superhero. 

This combination of visual and fictional approaches provides a platform for inclusive stories that defy one-size-fits-all narratives.The resulting thesis takes a crucial step toward a more respectful portrayal of Hijabi women in Western media, bridging the gap between misrepresenting narratives and lived realities.