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Story Activators. Olive Pits, Resin

Naima Almajdobah

Zaytouna: Rooted Histories in Uprooted Memories

MFA in Design

Palestinians, whether living under occupation or—like myself—in the diaspora, experience a complex journey of displacement and dispossession stemming from the Nakba of 1948. This reality shapes our collective identity, rooted in our connection to our homeland. 

Zaytouna explores an under-researched topic: the relationship between the olive tree and uprooted Palestinians. It reveals a rich tapestry of narratives that encompass the quintessential and everlasting relationship between a land and its people. The resulting interactive archival installation consists of two parts: audio recordings from Palestinians in the diaspora, which capture their memories and voices; and visuals, which represent the storytellers’ places of origin, emphasizing the connectedness of memories, voices, and narratives. 

This project highlights the olive tree’s physical and metaphorical significance to Palestinian people in the diaspora and provides a compelling example of cultural preservation for endangered peoples in contexts well beyond Palestine.