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Kardes Barber shop, Digital render, 2021

Njoud Al-Suwaidi

Experiential Hub for Qatar’s Traditional Folk Art Practices – حرفة

Interior design

I’ve always been drawn to the unique dynamics of the locations I visit and the variety of ways I can relate to them. Every place seems to have a distinct message to convey, one that might evoke a range of feelings in us. My enthusiasm for interior design has been stoked by my fascination with the relationship between environments and human experience. My passion for creating settings that profoundly connect with people and leave a lasting impression on their memories and feelings is what motivates me to continue exploring this profession. I approach every design choice I make with the goal of creating environments that are not just well-functioning but also inspiring, uplifting, and evoking pleasant emotions. I’m continually improving my skills to bring to life environments that enrich lives and foster meaningful connections between individuals and their surroundings.