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BFA+ MFA Thesis 2024

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Untitled, Screenprinted animation, 2024

Noor Al-Athba

I’ll do it for me, I’ll do it for you

Painting & Printmaking

I am a Qatari Comic artist and illustrator, making short stories that go from scripts, to sketches to lines and colors. I like to make stories about interesting characters and complex worlds, and have garnered inspiration from growing up with old cartoons on cassette tapes my father got me, and the comic books that my middle school library used to keep on the shelves. I love works with themes of anger and revenge, but also those of vulnerability and self-reflection. Comics have a unique and amazing ability to show you something extremely effectively with directness and simplicity. My thesis continues with the theme of resilience and abandonment, where my screen-printed animation expands on a story about giving up parts of yourself to keep someone from leaving.