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Salha Alsubaiei


Painting & Printmaking

My sense of identity is embedded within my artworks, I mirror my complex personality, emotions, and thoughts through my work. I worked with many ways of depicting mental state through multiple art mediums, ultimately settling on oil paintings. So, for my final project it made sense to combine past projects and develop the idea of mental state even further using a medium I enjoy working with. My final thesis project delves deep into my personal struggles, which are a result of my mental state throughout my childhood and continuing into my adulthood. My project is a series of several medium sized oil paintings depicting doll portraits that visually mirror each of my struggles. Additionally, I created mini oil paintings that expand on the larger themes. I want to use dolls as a means to express myself, connecting my childhood to my current life, to express the rawness of my struggles, and unveil the ugliness of mental  issues.