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Thesis project, Nawader, Stingray inspiration, Digital sketch, 2024

Shahd Al Abdulla

Creative Learning Environment for autistic children in Qatarنوادر

Interior design

As a passionate artist and interior designer, I approach environments with a combination of creativity, practicality, and empathy. I craft spaces that embody fluidity, guiding my design ethos toward exploration and wonder. Inspired by the stingray’s elegance, my latest project – a center for autistic children in Qatar – marries smooth contours with organic spaces, challenging conventional design. This transformation from stark angles to inviting circles is intentional, fostering a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, exploration, and comfort.

The aim of this project conveys my belief in design’s transformative power, aiming to create more than just aesthetically pleasing spaces. It is about weaving a fabric of meaningful experiences, where growth and exploration are encouraged in every nook. Through this approach, I strive to demonstrate how thoughtful design can profoundly impact lives, making spaces not just inhabitable but alive with possibility and enrichment, crafting a narrative of connectivity and depth within the architectural landscape.