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Raw Edges Beautified

Wadha Al Attiya


Fashion Design

This collection is a tribute to the natural femininity, grace, and elegance that every woman possesses. The versatility of the dresses are designed to highlight the beauty of unfinished seams and exquisite tailoring; emphasizing both on the perfection and imperfection of beauty and its subjective nature. “Serene” offers a delightful mix of bold silhouettes and delicate fabrics that work together to create a dynamic contrast.By embracing the beauty of unfinished fashion, each piece of the collection pays homage to the ‘work-in-progress’ nature of the craft of fashion. The raw edges are allowed to take center stage unexpectedly in the elegance and sophistication of formal evening wear, thus adding a unique personal viewpoint of the designer to each garment. The collection finds comfort in these contradictions to highlight the dualities that exist in the world. Through this contradiction “Serene” still respects the core values of good fashion and the objective to make women feel confident and beautiful.