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Thesis Project “Tatweer” Material Board, Illustrator, 2024

Zainab Alsaffar

Dynamic Analog Film Photography Hub in Qatar – ديوان

Interior design

As a designer, I find boundless joy in infusing each project with profound passion, committed to crafting unique concepts that evoke joy and proactivity. My design ethos harmonizes color, culture, texture, and lighting, transcending the non-mundane to create engaging spaces that tell captivating stories. I value the freedom to explore narrative threads within seemingly diverse elements, intricately weaving them to create a cohesive whole.

Originating from Qatar, I am inspired by the clash between traditional culture and modern infrastructure, motivating me to incorporate cultural authenticity into my designs while preserving my individuality. This philosophy culminates in my thesis project titled “Diwan”, a dynamic hub addressing the absence of analog photography spaces in Qatar. This innovative space blends traditions with contemporary aesthetics, offering professionals and enthusiasts alike a haven for creativity and community engagement. Through workshops and communal spaces, it fosters a sense of inclusion and connection, leaving a profound impact on both the physical and cultural landscapes of Qatar.