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this Sand is made of Stars/this Sea is made of Pearls – Horizon Historiographies

September 26, 2023 - December 1, 2023
Free - Open invitation
Mathaf 25th anniversary exhibition image showing the exhibition title

An exhibition celebrating VCUarts Qatar’s 25th anniversary and featuring works by 39 alumni




VCUarts Qatar

this Sand is made of Stars/this Sea is made of Pearls – Horizon Historiographies 

This exhibition presents the work of 39 VCUarts Qatar alumni, with contributions from three Art History graduates, all of whom now enjoy success in their respective fields. Currently spread over the globe, it reunites them as they celebrate 25 years of the University’s creative existence in Qatar.

The poetic title of the exhibition is inspired by these alumni, their projects and the country in which they studied – Qatar. 

Their works are presented as a curated series of narratives or historiographies and are reminiscent of the local fables of Al Khor, tales that were once narrated when people gathered around a fire, keeping memory and faith alive.

Based on the common themes that are found within each work, the exhibition develops across four chapters:
The Sacred
The Water (Sea),
The Land (Sand)
The Self & The Other

The exhibition is curated by award-winning curator Hesperia Iliadou Suppiej, Ph.D. Suppiej Iliadou lives and works in Venice, Italy, teaching the MA Curatorial Practice program at the European Institute of Design in Florence. She specializes in museum and curatorial studies. A museum consultant, she is a member of the International Council of Museums and the only woman elected to the Europa Nostra Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee, thus far.