Honors Program

The VCUarts Qatar Honors Program

Purpose, Mission, Values

A branch of the Honors College on VCU’s home campus in Richmond, Virginia, the Honors Program at VCUarts Qatar is designed to meet the needs of academically high-achieving undergraduate students by offering an advanced, challenging and student-centered liberal education that cultivates interdisciplinary research, creativity, multicultural development, and experiential learning.  Students are required to complete a number of honors-level courses in a diverse range of disciplines that will help prepare them for careers or graduate school. The curriculum provides students with a foundation in the social and behavioral sciences, the natural and physical sciences, the humanities, and fine arts and design in order to create highly versatile minds and makers. Students in the program regularly engage in advanced undergraduate research to produce creative, innovative work that integrates concepts and approaches from multiple disciplines, a process that demands risk-taking and the pursuit of novel methods.  Honors students are expected to adapt to changing environments and utilize emerging technologies as well as to develop advanced levels of multicultural literacy and the general capacity to positively impact whatever groups and communities they may find themselves in. These expectations form the objectives of the program and serve as a basis for assessment.

The context and mission of the Honors Program at VCUarts Qatar is a synthesis of the many institutions and cultures that surround and support it.  As a part of Virginia Commonwealth University, the honors program is linked to a large, national urban public research institution dedicated to the success and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and community. As a branch of the VCU Honors College in Richmond, Virginia, our program promotes academic excellence by providing high-achieving students with extraordinary opportunities to realize their potential as part of a distinctive, diverse, inclusive and supportive community.  As part of the VCU’s School of the Arts, the honors program endorses expanding the boundaries of new knowledge by emphasizing research, creative expression and interdisciplinary collaborations.  As part of VCUarts Qatar and the Qatar Foundation, the program supports the cultivation of a dynamic intercultural environment of diverse research, learning and community engagement that propels the holistic development of exemplary artists, designers, and scholars to build vibrant communities and diversified economies that unlock human potential.