27 January 2016

Congratulations to our VCUQatar winners of the Luc Tuymans Challenge

As a part of the Luc Tuymans' Intolerance exhibition, held at the Qatar Museums Gallery ALRIWAQ from 18 October 2015 – 30 January 2016, Qatar’s creative communities were given the opportunity to take part in the ‘Luc Tuymans Challenge’. Tuymans personally selected five artworks from hundreds of submissions, which were inspired by media-driven images of moments in history that have affected the world and how we perceive it today. Two people from VCUQatar were lucky enough to be selected as winners – Michael Perrone, Assistant Professor in Painting & Printmaking, and Devi Sari, student in the Art Foundation program.

Perrone’s painting is entitled ‘Black Wave’ which he says refers to …”the black wave of Daesh, slowly seeping into our collective consciousness”. Tuymans commented “Although very flat and formless in terms of shape and treatment, it is very minimal. The work is effective in opening a thought of something like a spill or a form that is expanding. In this sense it works as an emblematic image.”

‘Redacted Flesh’ is the title of Sari’s painting. Tuymans stated: “The work looks compelling because of the subtle and multi-layered surface. The artist titled this work Redacted Flesh. One could apprehend the discoloration of flesh in the image. It is interesting because it is more evocative than just showing something. And that’s what makes it all the more violent in its tenderness.”

The winning artworks are on display at AlRIWAQ until the end of the Tuymans exhibition.

The winners of the Luc Tuymans Challenge competition left to right: Maryam Nasser, Devi Sari, Michael Perrone, Katrina Boyd, Mohammed Muslim.

'Black Wave', painting by Assistant Professor Michael Perrone and winner of the Luc Tuymans Challenge.

'Redacted Flesh', painting by VCUQatar student Devi Sari and winner of the Luc Tuymans Challenge.

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