18 October 2018

Designs by Art Foundation Students for Torba Farmers Market in Education City

With the support of Qatar Foundation and Tasmeem Doha 2019, the students from our Art Foundation department resurfaced wooden tables for the Torba Farmers Market in Education City

Each “Torba Table” was hand drawn by a pair of first-year students. They used two primary tools: the marker and the grid.

Through the combination of these two tools along with a basic question of either filling or not filling each triangle, a vast diversity of outcomes was possible. The result is a unique graffiti-like approach, but with the consistency of an underlying visual system.

You can check them out soon at Torba Farmers Market in Education City, and Tasmeem Doha at VCUarts Qatar in March 2019!

Tasmeem Doha 2019, our biennial international art and design conference, will be a creative event that will focus on "Hekayat" (stories) as its central theme. It will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the art, science, and business of storytelling through different perspectives.

The “Torba Table” project was designed by Associate Professor Nathan Ross Davis with Teaching Assistants Gihad Ataalla and Sarah Elawad for the Surface Research course in the Art Foundation department.

The student artists were: Azza Alawad, Shima Aeinehdar, Mashael Albaker, Fatima Aldosari, Aisha Alfadala, Noora AlHardan, Alreem Alkubaisi, Maryam Alsulaiti, Alanoud Althani, Asmaa Althani, Ayman Alban, Abdul Rahman Alkhatib Alhosani, Alice Aslem, Farrah Hamada, Maha Masri, Amira Mohamed, Yousef Sheikh, Latifa Alfuhaid, Sharifa Almal, Deema Almarrikhi, Ghada Alqashouti, Roudah Alsheeb, Hala Alghanim, Ghada Ali, Maryam Alsayed, Hannah Fakhri, Farida Fathala, Gayatri Maelathil, Danna Masad, Fatima Ramzan, Ege Yigit.

Photographs by our alumna and Tasmeem Doha co-chair Hadeer Omar, and student Luma Mansi. 

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