Paint for an Imaginary Painter-Exhibition

March 5, 2024
Pfip 1

Paint for an Imaginary Painter Exhibition organized by the Writing Center was held in the Art and Design Library on Feb 20, 2024.

The Writing Center announced Graphic Design junior Minatuallah Al-Aswad as the winner of the ‘Paint for an Imaginary Painter’ competition. Graphic Design sophomore Khawla Al-Essa was selected as the runner up.

Throughout this competition, participants were required to create a painting as if they were an artist in the 1930s with the following guidelines:

1) The painting reflects the ‘nihilism’ philosophy and gives off a dark and somber feeling.
2) The painting is colorful.
3) The color blue is used at least once.
4) There are flowers at the bottom-left corner of the painting.

The winning art work will be incorporated into upcoming Writing Center learning resources.