Msheireb Window Displays Showcase VCUarts Qatar’s Creativity

January 3, 2023
Vcuarts Qatars Dean Amir Berbić Along With Students, Alumni, And Faculty At The Window Displays.resized

Fashion designs by students and alumni highlight the evolution of Arab fashion

If you’re looking for a new generation of designers offering fashion choices that tastefully blend the cultural with the contemporary, you might want to check out a few windows displays just across the road from Msheireb metro station, in downtown Doha.

The windows showcase designs created by students, and alumni from VCUarts Qatar.

The garments on display are a modern take on leisure and sportswear within Qatar’s cultural context.

Students and alumni from the University’s Departments of Fashion Design and Interior Design contributed to the displays.

One of the windows focuses on streetwear that “celebrates football and the communities it creates”. The designs were created by VCUarts Qatar fashion design students Tiaba Nazir and Iman Imran. The students were mentored by Ali Khan, Associate Professor, Fashion Design, VCUarts Qatar.

Yet another window showcases a Kaftan collection designed by VCUarts Qatar’s Class of 2022 alumnae Najla Al-Eida, Aisha Al-fadala, Shaikha Al-Thani, Reem Atout, Ayatalla Mohamed, Hira Nisar and Farida Fathala. The collection embraces the flow and comfort of traditional wear in silhouettes that suit the lifestyle of the modern Arab woman. The alumnae were mentored by Frederica Visani, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design, VCUarts Qatar.

The same window also exhibits seven sports abayas that celebrate the growing role of Arab women in sports within the cultural context of the region. The collection was designed by VCUarts Qatar fashion design senior students Haya Al Thani, Maha Al-Rabaan, Amna Al-balam, Noor Butt, Rana Elhadi, Iman Imran and Tiaba Nazir. The students were mentored by Christopher Fink, Chair, Fashion Design.

The interior designs for the window displays were created by VCUarts Qatar Interior Design alumnae Luma Mansi and Dana Abuhejleh.

David Beckham, former England captain, and World Cup ambassador, and Maha Al Ansari, Founder and CEO of Knockout Boxing, and former player of Qatar’s national basketball team, were among the first visitors to view the window displays that were opened to the public in the second week of December.

Also in attendance were Amir Berbić, Dean, VCUarts Qatar, and senior officials from Qatar Foundation, Doha Design District, and Msheireb Downtown Doha.

These window displays were made possible due to the support of Doha Design District and M7.