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Qatars expert designers, developers and entrepreneurs to meet up at Refresh Qatar

February 24, 2011
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Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar is hosting its second Web, Mobile and Startups meetup Refresh Qatar on Saturday, 26 February from 10:30 AM at the atrium at VCUQatar.

A networking, discussion and learning event for web designers, web developers, e-marketers, entrepreneurs and investors working in Doha, the meetup aims to “refresh” the creative, technical and professional culture of the internet in Qatar.

This second meetup will feature talks on Rapid Web Application Development, Web Standards and Accessibility, Usability and Online Marketing followed by a networking lunch. “Refresh is a friendly and vibrant event for Qatar’s best designers and developers to meet and share what they know through demonstrations, panel discussions and open Q&A sessions,” said Balal Khan, Web Developer for VCUQatar and the organizer of Refresh Qatar. “In addition to four expert speakers, we will start the day with a team-based challenge; and finish in time for lunch with an open debate on e-commerce and mobile commerce” he added.

Slots are also available at the end of each Refresh meeting for participants to quickly get the word out about an event or initiative they or their organization is organizing in the Web, Mobile or Startup scene. To reserve slots, participants need to just speak to one of the Refresh organizers on the day, and they will get 2 minutes on the microphone.

The first ‘Refresh Qatar’ held in December 2010 featured presentations from the leading lights of Qatar’s web community including George Engel of Vodafone Qatar, Rana Sakhawy of UrbanSouq.com, and Khalifa Saleh Haroon and Bassam Al Ibrahim founders of iLoveQatar.net. Inspirational talks were also given by Tarek Kassar about Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, Levi Hammett on the Tasmeem Doha Design Conference, and Kapil Bhatia on social media marketing.

Balal Khan noted “The Middle East’s web industry is like a gold mine waiting to be tapped. If executed properly, Qatari entrepreneurs could be at the forefront of spearheading this online growth, and some Qatari companies could become internet giants in the region. The ‘Refresh Qatar’ is intended to guide web professionals and startups to use the right techniques in design, technology and e-business, and also hear from the experts in Qatar already operating at a world-class level.”

Anyone interested in attending the meetup should register online at www.RefreshQatar.com

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