07 April 2015

Registration opens for the Late Spring Community Education Program and Summer Camp

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s Community Education Program is pleased to open registration for late spring community classes and summer camp 2015. Courses are taught by accomplished local and international instructors and are open to the general public interested in expanding their knowledge in art, design and craft areas.

The current set of 45 courses includes classes in photography, camera filming, drawing and painting, jewelry making, fashion illustration, interior and graphic design, Islamic pattern construction, fashion dress making, Adobe and AutoCAD, Arabic calligraphy, as well as art classes for children.

The eight-week program runs from late April to mid June. Unless otherwise noted, all non-credit community classes are open to both, women and men, ages 15 and above, and are taught in English at the VCUQatar building located within the Education City campus on Al Luqta Street.

In addition to classes held at VCUQatar, the university is offering community courses in partnership with the Academy for Dance Music and Arts (IAID). VCUQatar courses on offer at IAID include charcoal and pastel drawing, fashion design portfolio, advanced watercolor painting, fabric interventions and one stroke painting for children.

The 2015 summer camp for children and high school students include eight different art and design courses. The programs vary in length, one week for the smaller children, two weeks for teenagers and three weeks for the eldest group. The “Design Intensive” course has been specifically developed for high school seniors who are considering a creative career.

Classes are held in the morning from Sunday to Thursday at the VCUQatar campus starting from June 28th through to July 16th.

For more information and to register please visit www.qatar.vcu.edu/community

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