23 September 2020

VCUarts Qatar Opens Application Process for 2021

University looks forward to welcoming students keen to learn and apply new design thinking skills in the future

VCUarts Qatar has opened the application process for students seeking admission to its Fall 2021 semester.

VCUarts Qatar’s alumni are currently employed across the globe in roles as varied as art and design, film making, interior design and incubation development. Additionally, for over a decade, the university has steadily expanded and built upon its community and continuing education programs, regularly offering members of the public, and alumni, opportunities to consolidate their learning or pick up new skills.

Katherine Mangum, Director, Recruitment and Admissions, at the university, announcing the application process, said: “We are interested in students who are keen to push the limits, and who want to change the world around them, for the better. New design and innovative thinking are what will drive the future and it’s our students’ abilities to think further, imagine bigger, and design larger that will have the greatest impact on communities, in the coming years.

“Our students are not just students: they’re entrepreneurs who learn to utilize the knowledge they acquire in university to create platforms, to build vibrant communities, and to diversify economies. We know this because our graduates have not only gone on to lead in art and design initiatives in Qatar and the region, but have occupied roles in all major industries.”

As part of the application process, admission counsellors at VCUarts Qatar are available for consultations every day. Besides, the university’s website includes comprehensive information on application requirements, answers to frequently asked questions and program details.

This year, in August, VCUarts Qatar welcomed its community of students, staff and faculty to the new academic year – the first semester of which will be held mostly online - including its class of 2024 comprising of 84 new students drawn from 21 countries.

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