24 August 2020

VCUarts Qatar’s First-of-its-Kind Summer Program for High School Students a Success

Hands-on program provided students an overview of university life – and proof that art and design can be successfully taught online.

“What surprised me the most was how much I learned about the nuances of art and design, by studying online,” says Haanin Shafeeque, a high school student and Doha resident who participated in VCUarts Qatar’s first-of-its-kind Summer Program for High School Students 2020.

The Doha British School student was just one among the students who signed up for the program tailored to provide an overview of the academic degree courses offered by the university.

“I can honestly say that the whole program was an amazing experience, right from the encouraging instructors to a supportive peer group,” Shafeeque adds. “My teachers were constantly in touch, providing feedback, and allowing me to further improve my work. Those few weeks gave me an opportunity to surround myself – virtually – with stunning artworks created by other talented students, and in turn, be inspired by them.”

The month-long program was led by VCUarts Qatar alumni, with the department chair of each specialization making online introductions to each academic pathway. Participants were also able to engage with leading industry professionals who further explained the careers – and transferable skills – that a major in art and design opened doors to.

The course consisted of three phases. The week-long first phase, an introduction or foundation module, aimed to provide an overview of art and design. The second phase extended over two weeks and saw participants choose from four of the five pathways – graphic design, painting and printmaking, fashion design and interior design – that VCUarts Qatar offers, providing them deeper understanding of the academic programs.

Following this, a few participants, such as high school student Jumana Bakri, chose to continue the optional one-week portfolio development workshop to learn the fundamentals of developing a portfolio of their creative work.

“Given the fact that it was my first experience applying to an online program, I admit I had my doubts,” Bakri says. “Yet, throughout the journey, I learnt multiple aspects and concepts of art, especially in the first week where we were exposed to the fundamentals. This made me rethink my artistic choices when designing and sketching; it opened my mind to abstract perspectives! I’m a graphic design student; following the course, I realized I’m fascinated with interior design as well.”

Bakri noted how the portfolio development program was invaluable in teaching her how important it was to include a variety of different techniques in a portfolio, be it for university applications or a job.

“I gained insight into how selectors interpret the concepts and ideas involved in art work or design, and what they look for in a candidate. It was an incredibly useful session and I’m pleased I opted to take part in it,” she adds.

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