VCUarts Qatar’s Inaugural School Visits Program Inspires Creativity and Passion for the Arts

December 14, 2023
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In a pioneering initiative, VCUarts Qatar's Community and Continuing Education department collaborated with three prominent schools in Qatar to introduce students to the world of art and design through a series of engaging workshops.

The program aimed to spark creativity, foster a passion for the arts, and provide a glimpse into the diverse disciplines offered by the university.

The inaugural visit saw 25 students from Grades 9 and 10 from Dukhan English School immerse themselves in the vibrant world of VCUarts Qatar. The students participated in an enriching tour, followed by an interactive workshop titled, “Exploring Visual Harmony through Cut Paper Collages”. Under the guidance of skilled instructor and VCUarts Qatar alumna Nia Campbell, the students created mixed-media cut paper collages, delving into the fundamentals of color theory and visual contrast.

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Amina expressed her enjoyment, stating, “This workshop was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed working with different mediums.” Khalid shared his newfound passion, saying, “This class gave me a new understanding of color and materials. I think I have a passion for it and would like to be an artist.”

The enthusiasm continued with the second visit from Qatar Academy Doha, where 20 Grade 5 students engaged in a captivating “Silhouetted Landscape” workshop. The students, led by VCUarts Qatar student Naimaa Al Majdoubeh, the workshop instructor, displayed remarkable engagement during the two-hour session. Erin Smith served as their chaperone and Art Teacher, expressing, “They were so engaged and happy to be there! I hope we can plan another visit sometime in the near future.”

The final visit catered to the Architecture Club at the American School of Doha (ASD), with students ranging from grades 9 to 12. Led by VCUarts Qatar alumna Begum Yigit, the workshop explored the basics of interior design, different aspects of design catering to diverse clients, and color trends for 2024. The hands-on activity, where students designed interiors for specific families, left a lasting impression, with students eagerly anticipating the introduction of an interior design class in January 2024.

Angelina, the head of the Architecture Club at ASD, expressed her gratitude, saying, “Having VCUarts Qatar present and give us the insights we need was amazing – thank you!”

Rasha Alkasab, program manager of the Community and Continuing Education program, highlighted the success of the program, stating, “This was the first time VCUarts Qatar’s workshops extended to the schools directly. The aim of the School Visit Program was to introduce children at all levels to the different disciplines that the university offers, keeping in mind their conceptual understanding and tailoring the courses to suit their age. As a result of the successful outcome, we will be offering more of these visits to schools and will be hosting them at VCUarts Qatar more often.”

The School Visits Program by VCUarts Qatar not only succeeded in introducing young minds to the world of art and design but also ignited a passion that promises to shape the future of creative minds in Qatar. The program reflects the university’s commitment to educating the community about the importance of art and design in various fields.