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VCUQatar Announces the Arab Engineering Bureau Award for Creative Achievement and Potential

April 13, 2014
Aeb Awards 001

VCUQatar is pleased to announce the newly instituted Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) Award for Creative Achievement and Potential.

The award will be given to two junior students, one from the Interior Design department and one from the Graphic Design department, as an incentive upon completion of their junior year to continue their drive towards excellence in their senior year.

This new award complements the existing AEB Award for Design Excellence for graduating students which was instituted eight years ago by AEB’s CEO and Chief Architect Ibrahim Jaidah to assist students with their entry into Qatar’s design industry.  

“I am very pleased to see the graduates of VCUQatar well placed and playing major roles in the local market across different industries,” said Ibrahim Jaidah. “I do hope that the newly instituted award for Creative Achievement and Potential for junior students will help them recognize their true potential, create leadership and encourage them to continue developing their skills through their senior year. Personally, it is very important for me to recognize innovation and creativity. By offering support to the younger generation I know we are investing in our future while at the same time giving back to our society. At AEB education is a fundamental part of who we are, reflecting on our commitment to the Qatar National Vision 2030 and a knowledge based society,” he added.

“Ibrahim Jaidah is a long-term friend and generous supporter of VCUQatar students and activities. This new award will provide further inspiration for our junior students to push the boundaries of creative experimentation,” said VCUQatar Dean Allyson Vanstone. “We share the belief that our collaborations foster excellence. VCUQatar is honored to receive support from such a renowned institution as AEB to help our students achieve their aspirations.

Besides the awards, Arab Engineering Bureau and Jaidah continue to partner with VCUQatar through their participation at Tasmeem Doha, VCUQatar’s biennial international design conference, as well as through providing internship opportunities for VCUQatar students.