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VCUQatar Welcomes Incoming MFA and BFA students

September 15, 2011

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar welcomed 70 new full time students to the Education City campus - 63 to the Bachelor of Fine Arts and seven to the Masters of Fine Arts programs.

The incoming BFA Class of 2015 represents a truly diverse student body with students joining the university from Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Yemen. A total of forty percent of the incoming freshmen are Qatari. The incoming MFA class is comprised of three Qatari students as well as one each from Egypt, Iran, Ireland and Kuwait.

Admission to VCUQatar is competitive. Each application is reviewed thoroughly by staff and members of the faculty. This includes assessing the applicant’s academic achievements to date, their artistic talent, creativity and originality as evidenced by the work they present in their individual portfolios, a letter of recommendation, writing skills and English language proficiency. The incoming Class of 2015 represents highly qualified students who possess all the required criteria and a background in art that suggests the potential to succeed as artists and designers.

“Dear Class of 2015, welcome you to VCUQatar,” began Dean Allyson Vanstone in her welcome statement. “As you all know, the application process is competitive. Being accepted to this prestigious university is the first step in this phase of your academic journey. The experience will be challenging, engaging, and life-changing. We all look forward to sharing our passion for learning and our commitment to excellence,” she said.

The welcome address marked the conclusion of an exciting week of orientation activities, where both students and parents were informed about the challenges and struggles involved in earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in design. Beginning with Family Night, the activities included a cross cultural awareness session, art foundation activities and ice breaker sessions. The students also received their class schedules and sat through presentations on safety and QF Campus life. The week’s activities ended with the students participating in a joint QF welcome event for all Education City freshmen.

VCUQatar also welcomed the third class of the MFA in Design Studies, the first graduate program in Qatar’s Education City and the first in design in the gulf region. “The bright group of students this year comes from a wide range of educational backgrounds, from fashion and graphic design to art education and business management,” said Constantin Boym, director of the MFA in Design Studies program. “Our goal is to train a new generation of design professionals who can take leadership roles in design practice, management, and higher education in Qatar in the coming decade.”

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