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Water With Water at Art Book Fair Basel 2017

July 3, 2017
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Art Foundation Assistant Professor Nathan Ross Davis and student Sarah Elawad were recently at "I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel 2017" with Water With Water.

Water With Water (W/W/W) is an experimental publishing project initiated by Professor Davis & Arcadian Studio (a design studio and consultancy) with support from VCUQatar. 

The publications, ephemera and projects of W/W/W speculate in visual form at the intersection of Gulf culture and contemporary art and design.

The art book fair presents (parallel to Art Basel) renowned and yet to be discovered exhibitors from the fields of art and art books, catalogues, monographs, magazines and zines. 

Publishers get to present their contemporary publication programs mainly consisting of small editions with unique themes of art, photography, designs, printing techniques and paper.

Graphic design junior student Sarah Elawad, who also attended the event, said, “People were very impressed to see a representation from the Middle East and even more interested when they heard about VCUQatar and the prospect of there being young artists and designers in the Gulf Region. Being one of the youngest people at the book fair and being able to meet and have conversations with adults much more experienced than me has given me so much more understanding, and not only within the field of graphic design.”

The name Water With Water comes from the Arabic phrase فسّر الماء بالماء. which means “explaining water with water”, a phrase that is sometimes used when people attempt to give a good explanation when asked about something, but instead state the obvious (they explain water with “water”).

The art book fair took place from June 14 – 17.