VCUQatar has a long history of collaborating with local, national and international brands on successful research and design projects across each of our design programs. Projects use students, graduate alumni and faculty skills to ensure a successful outcome.

We always aim to involve our students and alumni in ‘research-led design’ projects. Many projects form part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in which companies seek support from our creative resources and research methods. 

Design projects undertaken by students can be funded in the following ways:

  • Scholarships: scholarships at VCUQatar include tuition fees, accommodation and books. Fees are currently 99,000QAR annually; 46,000QAR half yearly. Smaller amounts can be donated towards scholarship fees. In addition to naming the scholarship, VCUQatar can offer a package of incentives including invitations to future corporate events, dinners and guest speakers hosted by VCUQatar.
  • Gifts: a sum donated to the university and used to support departmental activities including student research and travel bursaries or the purchase of capital and consumable items.
  • Consultancy: the donor can contract directly with a student(s) or alumni for agreed deliverables and fee. 
  • Design Competition: design projects can be offered to the students/graduates where a prize is offered to the selected design(s). Staff at the Centre will monitor project quality, deliverables and schedule. 
  • Internships: typically a 4-week period of (unpaid) work placement with the industry partner. Depending on the nature of the work to be completed, internships can be hosted by the company partner or at the Centre.
  • Pro-bono: some design can be embedded in the curriculum and undertaken as class projects where no gift is offered during an academic semester. Alternatively, students and alumni could work on these projects in order to develop their design skills or to build their portfolios and professional experience.