22 July 2015

One hundred and twelve students participate in VCUQatar’s 2015 Summer Program

VCUQatar’s Summer Art and Design Community Classes by noted local and international instructors, for students ages 4 and above, were a great success with the 112 participating students.

Eight different programs were delivered in June and July 2015 to children and high school students of various age groups. The courses are designed to engage young students and interest them in art and design from an early age. The programs are run by qualified art educators from the US and UK, and VCUQatar alumni, assisted by VCUQatar students.

The three week “Design Intensive” Program for ages 16 and above is designed to introduce a variety of techniques and disciplines taught at VCUQatar to young people who are serious about applying to art school.  “Creative Discovery” is a two week art and design induction for 13-15 year old high school students. Four separate one week “Art Fun” and “Art Exploration” programs were offered to younger students (age groups 4-5, 6-7, 8-10 and 11-12), who explored a variety of techniques. A one week “Experimental print and collage workshop” gave 10-14 year old students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of techniques. The two week “Fashion Design Portfolio” for students aged 15 and above was an intense immersion into the world of fashion collections. The summer programs for the elder age groups include a museum or gallery visit and all programs culminate in an exhibition of the student’s work, which is open to the parents and families of the young participants.

This is the eighth year VCUQatar has run a summer program for young people in Qatar and it continues to be increasingly popular within the community.

 “The students in this class explored a wide range of media including computer graphics, fashion design, and printmaking. We participated in several special events including a trip to Mathaf museum, a screening by Doha Film Institute, and a showcase of work by students and recent graduates of VCUQatar.  All of these events help students to see the wide range of careers available to them in the arts” said the Lecturer of the Creative Discovery Class, Dr. Melanie Buffington.

“I enjoy sharing my passion with the students and learning about theirs also. It's so interesting to help them incorporate the subjects they enjoy in their art work.” says VCUQ alumna Meriem Ayouna and “Not one year is similar to the other, the experience keeps getting better and better and I keep learning from assisting the professor and also from the students that I am helping” adds VCUQ student Faisal El Aglah, who both assisted in the Experimental Print and Collage workshop and the creative discovery class.

Zeed, a participant in the creative discovery class enthused: “VCU is a wonderful place where you can expand your imagination and it makes you more creative.”  

Details of Community Classes available over the coming year can be viewed at www.qatar.vcu.edu/communityclasses

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